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Lawn Maintenance 101

Here at ATL Lawn Care, we know that a healthy lawn is important and finding the right way to take care of it can be tough! To make life a little simpler, we pulled together our team of experts to offer a few tips on lawn care that are sure to make your neighbors jealous!

Mow at the Right Height

For many people, mowing is just another chore to keep the yard looking tame-- but what many don’t know is that mowing has a much greater impact on the health of your lawn. Too tall grass is unsightly, but cut it too short and you’ll be dealing with another whole host of problems. For a thick and healthy lawn, we recommend keeping your mower on a higher setting. Not only does taller grass look more lush, but it also:

  • Shades the ground below to keep it protected from the sun
  • Helps to retain the vital moisture grass needs to grow
  • Reduces weed growth by blocking sunlight
  • Promotes deep roots and strong grass!

To keep your grass healthy, keep the blade set high and never remove more than ⅓ of the total height at once!

Keep Soil Healthy

Just like proper mowing, healthy soil is an important component to a healthy lawn. Over time the soil in your yard hardens, making it hard for seeds to come up and hard for nutrients to get down to roots. To give your grass a little breathing room, we recommend aerating your yard. Aeration involves removing small plugs of soil from the yard, with benefits that can include:

  • Increased air and water supply to the roots
  • Breakdown of thatch-- the hard layer on top that can stifle new growth

Aeration will ensure that the nutrients and water you work hard to put in your yard can actually make it to the roots to be absorbed!

Feed Your Lawn

Now that you have access to the roots of your grass, it’s important to replenish it and increase growth! Just like you, your grass needs a healthy diet to perform at its best. Two ways our experts recommend keeping it healthy:

  • Fertilization - Fertilizer is a great way to perk up lawns that have seen better days, and different blends can be found to give your lawn exactly what it needs.
  • Seeding - A bit different from fertilizer, new seeds will actually allow new grass to grow throughout the yard. This can be particularly helpful if you have a lawn that has started to show wear and tear through bald spots!

Keep Grass Hydrated

Similar to a healthy diet, your lawn also needs plenty of water to stay healthy and green! Newly seeded lawns can be a bit trickier and may require more specific, expert advice, but for mature lawns, we recommend you give your lawn a deep water once a week. This helps to ensure that water makes it all the way down to where the roots need it, rather than sprinkling a bit on the top every few days. Don’t forget to take into account changing weather and what type of soil you have in your yard when planning your watering schedule!

Rely on Experts you Can Trust

Although these tips are great for helping manage your lawn, every yard is unique and it often takes an on-site expert to determine the best solutions for your lawn issues. Luckily, with our trained team and years of experience, we know all the best ways to help your lawn grow greener and healthier than ever! If you’re ready for your lawn to be envy of the neighborhood, give us a call and let us show you what ATL Lawn Care can do!

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