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Lawn Care Tips for Spring

As the temperatures begin to rise and the days get longer, it is time to start focusing on your lawn! If you wait until the midst of the summer heat to begin caring for your landscape, you might be too late. Check out these tips for preparing your lawn for warmer weather!

Clean Up Debris

Spend a warm spring afternoon cleaning up sticks, leaves, and other debris that accumulated in your yard over the winter. Clearing your lawn of debris allows your grass to breathe, encouraging new growth and preventing disease.

Weed Control, Fertilization, and Aeration

Annual grassy weeds (like the popular weed crabgrass) can be prevented in the spring so your yard isn’t overrun during the summer. Have a pre-emergent weed killer applied by your local lawn care company in Georgia to avoid the headache of overgrown weeds. A few steps to take to protect your lawn include proper watering, mowing at the right height, and proper feeding.

Fertilization is the jump start your lawn needs to thrive this year. It provides your grass with the energy and nutrients it needs to withstand the hot Georgia sun. The time of spring to fertilize depends on your type of grass. Cool season grasses can be fertilized in early to late spring before summer begins, and warm season grasses can actually be fertilized throughout the growing season.

Lawns get compacted in the summer, making it hard for grass to break through. Core aeration removes small plugs to loosen the soil and allows vital nutrients, moisture and sunlight to reach the root of the grass! It is important to aerate before soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees to prevent inviting aggressive weeds to take root in your lawn. If temperatures have already increased, talk to your local lawn care expert about the best way to approach aeration.

Let the Professionals Handle the Tough Stuff!

You may be excited for warmer weather, but getting your lawn ready can be a challenge that you don’t want to deal with. To ensure your lawn’s health turn to the experts at ATL Lawn Care! With our years of experience and expert techniques, we know exactly what your lawn needs to look great this spring.

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